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Redbull – Back to the Cranberry Bog

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Manchester Orchestra “Simple Math”

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It’s time to catch up with the Vimeo Awards 2012 and so here I give you a good video that is already winning prizes. Enjoy it!


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  Syncbody is an experimental project by Shibata Daihei in which the 3D body reacts automatically to music creating amazing graphics and effects. Music: Yaporigami(+MUS)¡ Video: Daihei Shibata Artwork: Hiroshi Sato (Semitransparent Design/aloye)

Justice – ON’N'ON

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  This is the new clip of Justice directed by Alexandre Courtes (White Stripes, Kasabian, U2) on the title ”ON’N’ON”  from their latest album, Audio, Video, Disco. A great video produced by Division.

Old Spice ‘Blown Mind’

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  Applauses for Wieden+Kennedy Portland!  


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Enjoy the amazing work of Sam McKenzie AKA SAMSAMSAM, a great artist that currently resides in Brisbane, Australia.   [nggallery id=95]

Rome “Two Against One”

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  Chris Milk did it again in this video directed with Anthony Francisco Sheppard. A great animation for the song ”Two Against One” from the album “Rome”


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  “Imagine the day when all the bombs are made of paint, stop the war”. Great special edition of the Spanish company MTN aerosol called “TNT”.  The paint is matte finish and comes in 7 different colors and the company will donate 7% of sales to environment and humanity organizations.  

Arcade Fire “Sprawl II”

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  Arcade Fire reinvents the video with his new experience ”Sprawl II” that in its interactive version, connects the user and video through movement. Arcade Fire invites you to dance in front of the screen so the webcam can take the movement and speed and transferred to video. For those who do not have camera on the computer, can also … Read More

VORWERK Stadt der Milben (Mite City)

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  The German agency Kolle Rebbe (Hamburg) thought this creative advertising for the brand of vacuum cleaners Vorwerk & Co. Performed by the company 3D Sehsucht, this amazing creation imagine a world of fantasy with elements stuck in our couch.